Zhang Jun Ning, Beijing, he says the city is like an old friend

e's heart,
there is a Beijing of its own.
Three thousand years of history,
the capital of Six Dynasties,
here since the Ming and Qing Dynasties since the Chinese culture,
has many places of historic interest and scenic beauty and cultural landscape.
Here are the eight visitors,
language here fusion,
fully inclusive and equitable.
Beijing is a modern metropolis on the surface,
but it has its own simplicity and nostalgia.
Strolling in the gradually go less into the alley,
reeky rinse the butcher,
that is the real Beijing.
Beijing is a lot of young people began to dream of the city,
although the vicissitudes,
but full of hopes and dreams.
Beijing on the red wall outside the quiet alley,
the alley in turn around the corner,
a roadside in China World Trade Center,
also in Wei