In the 16th anniversary station Qing Weiming BBS Memorial online interactive mobile power you get

w why the celebration in the push is not pinch 0 points today because it is not but the 118 year old birthday is not 16 years old birthday (Oh is on course to push yourself,
hee hee) once again wish my alma mater and Happy birthday.
Since it is the birthday of a natural mobile power small welfare can to you it is north side of BBS custom is absolutely limited edition do you want? Want to see the following methods: participation.
Do you still remember your first post in a side of BBS? 2000 - 2016,
Weiminghu grow old.
In this moment of Weiminghu birthday,
you can also use a timeline,
finish all these years he and Weiminghu bit by bit.
You can click on the above picture to enter the subject page for activities (such as stay in login status on BBS,
default login here).
At the bottom of the