Don't live up to the weather

urce: search column name idle away in seeking pleasure: palm North cafeteria copyright statement: exclusive palm Beijing,
banned two times reprinted current editor: Ning Beijing weather Xiaoyu rare good days,
can breathe.
Appetite is also inexplicable good.
What can only be done by good weather? Besides enjoying the food,
it is enjoying the beautiful scenery! Palm Beijing and beer and skittles search,
the city inventory of those who can see my great Beijing invincible beautiful night view of the good restaurant.
While the weather would go to a bar,
This opportunity may come without ah ~ The View 3912: 245 yuan per capita address: No.
88 Jianguo Road Chaoyang District City No.
3912 SOHO modern A (Dawanglu Shin Kong southwest corner) recommended: burning shrimp with bread and ste