30 human evil principles movie essence. What are the evil movies and B movies in China?

begins with the iris public number (IrisMagazine).
The | magasa has repeatedly written on the B film and cult content,
one reason is the concept of the two ship is often misused in Chinese Internet,
hope to get to the root of the role,
I just love us.
Today I wrote this topic again,
and at the end I attached 30 cult films that I would recommend.
By the way,
although the title of this article uses the word cult,
I still use the cult directly in the text.
The reason for this is explained below.
B and cult are two different concepts,
although there is a little bit of correlation.
Let's say B.
The puppet people attack (1958) B - meaning roughly equal to the low cost of the film,
but the word only in a certain context was set up,
not all low cost films can be indiscriminately called B