You eat crayfish may be Ampquot brain death ampquot... Are you afraid?

it is time to go to the food stalls,
grilled shrimp string line,
drink beer,
you may have thought that you eat crayfish is fresh? Recently,
a large number of dead shrimp from Wuhan's farmers' market poured into food processing plants.
The head of the processing plant said some shrimp were just brain dead.
Do you believe this statement? Brain dead shrimp recently,
Wuhan citizens Mr.
he reflected,
he went to Wuhan baisazhou agricultural largest market aquatic products found on the market to buy crayfish,
who recovered dead shrimp,
do not know what to use.
Two consecutive days,
reporters squatting the market found that some people in the market to focus on recycling dead crayfish,
and packing and transportation.
The normal shrimp costs 10 yuan -50 yuan,
and these dead shrimp