n Qiuying Li Jing: I go to school.
this season is really kind.
The evening of May 1st,
I go to school,
the second quarter of the program group staff with Joker,
deer Han,
Wowkie Zhang all star arrived in Taiwan to prepare for tomorrow's record.
In May 2nd,
the program officially began recording,
shooting locations is Taiwan Yijiao him,
during the filming of the program officer Bo also made a welfare map and fans of friendly interaction.
Nantonghuagang art students will also welcome.
Although the slot points are many,
but this is not the focus today.
In May 2nd 18,
by the Taiwan media first disclosed Luhan in Taiwan illegal workers.
It is worth mentioning that,
first reported the news media in Taiwan,
is also not before the Taiwan Immigration Department responded directly to Luhan il