My brother, can not be out of pocket to ask me to eat meal

g of a city,
a friend of the local news call,
repeatedly expressed as hospitality of a host,
please eat a simple meal.
readily agreed to the hotel.
Open the door of the box,
a gathering of many people.
I thought I was going the wrong way.
I was just about to quit.
Someone called my name.
It was that friend.
In addition to him,
the ten guests at the dinner,
I do not know,
very embarrassing.
To tell the truth,
it is a feast,
good food wine,
toast each other,
but I did not eat a little taste.
He hurried out several,
I have an excuse to leave,
farewell friend explained again and again just a few friends on officialdom have a party,
do together.
Mr Lee is a city in the us to help the students enthusiasm,
every once in a while,
he will organize a dinner,
a band together make fri