Joke a bear child is selling flowers

tion: meaningful day,
when the mother clean the refrigerator,
took out three garlic,
has rotted into purple black,
grow green shoots.
My mother took the garlic and said to me,
although the garlic is rotten,
they are still giving birth to new life.
What a stubborn spirit!! I listened to very educated,
and later find a wife can not find this lazy to garlic rotten,
there are so many rhetoric of the woman,
this is really a meaningful day.
neighbor child,
also 7,
8 years old,
when his grandfather died,
his father cry Xilihuala,
his younger brother ran on the father said: Dad,
you don't have a dad,
I can be your father ah.
His father took him for a fat beating.
my son is watching the bear infested,
and I see the scene is winter,
I asked: how Xiong Dongtian does not hibe