Do not believe that Chinese folk governance cancer 10 kinds of unreliable folk prescription posture

rom the network read one micro signal: yiduiread due to cancer treatment is still a difficult problem in the medical profession,
and the price of many treatments are expensive,
many people put their eyes on the legend of the ancient books,
there is always high mountains and lakes,
looking for a variety of folk remedies.
It is easy to retrieve these in Chinese Internet information,
claiming special effects,
or ancestral remedies.
One reading Jun (WeChat: yiduiread) collected 10 of the most widely circulated,
showing the imagination of folk wisdom.
Although these folk prescription generally won't cheat a lot of money,
but delayed treatment as deadly.
So it must be emphasized that these are not to be believed! A pole on duty one reading eagle,
Liu Shijiu said the 1.
Tieshu leaves + red dates