Water reverse attack, a move to save yourself

d of water retrograde is coming again.
Are you all right? In fact,
sometimes the focus will always be a period of time,
encountered difficulties,
and even feel that only their fate is so bumpy.
But look at the rest of the world,
everyone will encounter some bad things.
Rather than complaining,
as yourself,
Or look at them.
Are you feeling better? At least you won't be stuck in the head of a bus station,
and you'll have to wait for a fireman to save it.
At least when you eat in the sunny outdoor without sleep.
At least you can finish this ice cream.
At least you won't eat a pear or teeth,
and said,
it is actually a potato.
At least you don't eat a mouth of soap.
At least you have a good hair style,
unlike the student who still has an hour for classes,
or the first semester of th