Wang Haibo seconds light overlord millet can not reflect the true value of e-commerce video

io micro signal: tmtvideo100 video length: 2 '13 suggestions to watch this wonderful Jane content in WiFi: Wang Haibo Chinese library,
chairman of the board and CEO he graduated from Renmin University of China in 1999,
founded in August China network library in Beijing in the same year; at the beginning of 2006 initiated the establishment of industry network alliance in China; in 2010 won the annual Chinese electronic business leader award; in 2012 won the eighth annual CEO IT Time IT era Knight award.
Content Description: he is just like a knight,
with 17 years of pioneering time,
and strive to create a single product electricity supplier ideal country.
Millet mobile phone is not e-commerce,
burst shirt is not a single product electricity supplier,
single product electricity supplier is