Unconsciously, China has one more international actress...

wrote some in recent years the domestic actress international blockbuster,
sum up or down Wuli Tian Jing the most powerful,
best actress Oscar on the left and right in james.
In this,
we all desperately want to international,
I would rather in a variety of international blockbuster in the flash in the pan era.
The film starring Michelle Chen was released in the United States a few days ago.
Note that it is the lord! Play! The film is called love in Hawaii.
The poster is like this,
do not see half a Chinese down down there,
in addition to Michelle Chen international movie actor and starred in speed and passion 1~7 Korean actor Jiang Chenghao played down: Twilight the handsome boy Jackson Rathbone down here this lineup seems to be quite reliable.
It is ~ director L