The world's first head surgery in preparation for the implementation of a breakthrough or horror

s first IT network era ITtime2000 swap operation will be implemented,
pre fee of 1 million.
a man in Russia will accept the world's first head of surgery,
the man Spiridonov was born with a rare genetic disease,
spinal muscular atrophy,
the first is his only chance of survival,
the following Xiaobian take you to see the specific circumstances.
The first operation of this particular sounds unrealistic,
many in the industry people are skeptical of this surgery,
but a doctor in Russia on the success rate of the operation is very confident that this surgery if successful will become one of the wonders of the world; then,
to the problem,
change after he is? The original owner of the head? The original owner of the body? Is his consciousness after surgery,
patient or donor,
or is