The car and fire god buy Wuling Hongguang N1 reasons.

is China Wuling Hongguang automobile market in a tight market car sales champion,
although promoted a lot,
but the Wuling Hongguang has firmly secured 30 months of sales wang.
About why the universe God car is so successful,
I will not repeat them,
Xiaobian want to say today is the universe God cars have to fire one up,
Wuling Hongguang S1 enjoy after the upgrade,
we buy Wuling Hongguang another reason.
Born in the family of Wuling Hongguang models,
parts suppliers backed by GM's global manufacturing system and customized,
with historical origins of good quality,
to buy MPV in the eyes of the user,
and the choice of Wuling Hongguang has become fully deserve.
The Wuling Hongguang S1 this model,
have kept smoothly is an evaluation of the majority of users of the largest.
As a re