The biggest speculative bubbles in the stock market have almost destroyed the world's richest country

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click on the title below IPO,
observe our source: Sina wealth often in the stock market,
bubbles everywhere.
Despite the market frenzy around not to mention,
a lot of people just can also cite the U.
subprime mortgage crisis,
the NASDAQ Internet bubble,
the great depression as an example,
even the Holland tulip mania,
the British South Sea Company event of this legend.
there is no no second,
the biggest stock market bubble in history is what you know? Many historical and financial experts believe that the real bubble king in human history is not really the aforementioned,
but rather the frenzied speculation of the Souk al-Manakh exchange in Kuwait in the early 1980s.
Perhaps some people will not believe Kuwait,
even if there is oil,
but after all,
is a tiny state,