The 40 year old has long acne you want more that may be rosacea

o & editing | guava small celery beauty has always been aunt Yang,
recently this time very depressed: I have more than 40 years old,
how to acne? Even the daughter in high school asked her,
how much acne do you have on your face?! I don't think it's acne.
80% is allergic.
You should go to the Department of dermatology.
! The results turned out to be rosacea! Rosacea,
bad nose,
nose! How did you run on your face? Rosacea what kind of? Rosacea,
actually has a beautiful name -- rose acne is actually occurring in a chronic inflammation of the face.
Etiology may be associated with hair follicle infection,
but alcohol,
spicy food,
high temperature,
cold stimulation,
endocrine disorders may also induce the disease.
Often divided into three phase I: Erythema period,