Matthew MOBA has formed Mobile Games market into Dead Sea, the game of grapes

er the stronger,
the weaker the weaker,
MOBA hand travel products from the current view,
has fully consistent with the Matthew effect.
Since 2012,
the heroes of chaos and order of battle hymn,
MOBA Mobile Games began to enter the game player's line of sight,
this special category received special attention in the mobile terminal.
But after the 2015 hand travel market blowout growth,
these MOBA hand tour in the list of performance is not the same.
The stronger the stronger,
the weaker the weaker,
from the MOBA hand travel results alone,
Matthew effect has inadvertently appeared in this category.
King glory ranked first in the top ten,
one or two,
three echelon pattern is clear,
because Android platform data is difficult to estimate,
we iOS platform on several mainstream MOBA hand travel