Grassroots officials struggle against the masses, such three axe ax politics CNPolitics

: Guangdong,
in 2010,
34 petitions ended up in the provincial government,
but by 2013,
none of them had been sent to the provinces.
Why? Shao Li / political observers in January 15,
Guangxi Province,
Guigang City Qingfeng toll station by 10 local villagers with sticks smashed,
killing 4 people were injured.
The hit has been the third since January.
June 25,
Chongqing children's Hospital duty doctor because the child does not meet the hospital indication,
did not receive its hospitalization,
parents were beaten children,
the office smashed.
The medical staff required to pull the banner to punish medical trouble.
In April 5,
employees of Yue Yuan shoe factory in Guangdong,
Dongguan Province,
went on strike for protesting violations of the contract between the factory and th