GD, you're a rich, talented boy, come on, marry me

he blue word above to pay attention to us! G-DRAGON said that there was a big event at Beijing airport a few days ago! Big bang,
born in Beijing to participate in the auto show fishing gold,
so a group of fans organized the pick-up,
and here is still good! So! Painting style turn! Because a female Hun silk close-up shot right,
so assistant to protect,
heavy push female fans a.
In this way,
the two major factions on the Internet launched a war of words: some people say that despite the fans Quan Zhilong dead (confirmed later as a bodyguard shot,
fans did not fall to the ground.
And the right way forward has not seen the fans pushed Some people are too crazy about female Hun,
and they should stick to the chicken's face.
If someone pats you like this,
you don't like it,