Featured in the April TOP8 essay

amount of reading 231173 2 words human history author Chinese speech record,
decisive collection TOP 2 amount of reading 22576 Zhenge fund Wang Qiang: after the three books from your good is not far from the TOP 3 amount of reading 13916 Li Kaifu: to create tens of billions of dollars in super unicorn,
must do the three things TOP 4 the amount of reading 134556 minutes after reading human history the essence of all,
read 2 million 500 thousand years TOP 5 amount of reading 13191 complete edition of Kevin Kelly: the future of the Guangzhou Railway Station,
is becoming more and more incredible TOP 6 reading 12431 Luo Zhenyu: a story of defeat all businessmen (with full field PPT) TOP 7 reading 12224 decryption Kepler project | Xu Lei: This is a Jingdong all ability to open TOP 8 amount o