Domestic brands talk unmanned they're talking about what GeekCar at about 102.

VOL102 that forced domestic brands to talk unmanned,
they are talking about what? Listen to the way: you can click the read in Himalaya or directly to the App search for geekcar and subscribe to the Beijing auto show there are so many fun nice cars and people,
but we are not going to talk! According to our style,
we'll have to talk about the technology at the show this time.
In this year's Beijing auto show,
we found that the autopilot / unmanned has become a hot topic.
In addition,
some foreign brands we are familiar with,
domestic brands have also embarked on the road of science and technology to become rich.
You may have heard of the music,
Beiqi are saying that unmanned driving matter,
but the red flag also said he wanted no one to drive,
you made it?! In our opinion,