Car and home completed A round of financing, cumulative financing of more than 2 billion 500 million

me announced the completion of the A round of financing,
financing amount of 780 million yuan,
this morning,
Li Xiang through WeChat to the media to disclose the latest financing conditions of the car and home.
A round of car and home financing amounted to 780 million yuan,
a leading source of capital,
Leo shares,
Changzhou Wujin industrial fund,
Ming potential capital institutions with investment etc.
Huaxing capital serves as the exclusive financial advisor for the financing.
less than 10 months after the establishment,
the car and home financing has exceeded 2 billion 500 million yuan.
The reason is that Li Xiang himself docking media,
because the car and home recruitment work,
all focused on R & D and manufacturing links.
The car and home to the PR team,
at the end of May to put