AV actress on Xidu game broadcast platform will become the new Normandy

id not know Ran Asakawa,
said in vain longitudinal hero! I don't know Sora Aoi on the Internet,
and the network is mediocre! AV actress refers to the female actors who specialize in adult film performances in Japan.
As one of the most representative nouns of island culture,
they play an irreplaceable role in many movie lovers.
Mention of the island's AV actress ah,
presumably otaku will unconsciously show hidden smile.
From Sora Aoi to Maria Ozawa,
none of the AV community art masters,
Indoorsman D dish best partner.
Compared to now in the limelight of the stars,
to attend the AV actress who can attract more attention Indoorsman,
even a lot of Indoorsman has reached a high level of knowledge of men see the chest.
With the decline of the Japanese domestic market economy,