A long thought about investing and writing in life

he top of the blue print of our attention on investment and success in life life and investment are similar in many aspects.
Over the past period of time,
a lot of insights,
thinking a lot.
About life and investment in common,
this article is written in a mess,
we all bear in mind.
many friends went to Buffett's shareholders' meeting.
Once a year the Warren annual meeting,
as many investors pilgrimage.
Buffett is so successful,
is bound to have its attractions,
and he preached the outlook on life,
more worthy of our thinking.
Let's look at the chart below,
which is a comparison of the ROI of the investment masters.
Buffett's rate of return is not high,
he is not as good as Soros,
far better than Rodgers,
not as good as Soros's disciple Druckenmiller.
But Buffett's characteristic