[Kyrgyzstan concerns] national financial security has risen to the top priority

ote: This article is an outlook for the development of the stock market in May 2016.
the overall conclusion of the global macroeconomic data released in the first quarter,
the economic recovery is not obvious signs of recovery,
China's economic data is relatively eye-catching.
The American economic growth remains weak,
the dollar index fell to provide support for crude oil and gold prices,
the Fed announced the April interest rate hike,
but the market is expected to guide the fed to raise interest rates is still the key factors influencing the market volatility.
The European economy has shown slow growth and continued loose policy.
Japan is difficult to shake off the shadow of deflation,
to maintain the current negative interest rates unchanged,
the yen soared; prices are expected to de

Brush the new skills in the circle of friends, so that the boss must wear clip Li!

xpert and show us a super awesome skills with this trick,
no longer afraid to clip and super doll.
Easy to use after reading to immediately go to try the Department of doll machine!! Suddenly worried about future boss clip doll machine I N micro signal Guangzhou idle away in seeking pleasure: Gzlifes long by two-dimensional code recognition attention profile: Guangzhou area the first WeChat from the media,
gathered a large number of local white-collar workers daily selection of Guangzhou area chowhound,
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together with you,
idle away in seeking pleasure.
Fun Guangzhou! Business cooperation,
please contact the editor of delicacy store,
WeChat Gz1650,
Twilight popular delicacy meal,
Shu Twilight ri

In the 16th anniversary station Qing Weiming BBS Memorial online interactive mobile power you get

w why the celebration in the push is not pinch 0 points today because it is not but the 118 year old birthday is not 16 years old birthday (Oh is on course to push yourself,
hee hee) once again wish my alma mater and Happy birthday.
Since it is the birthday of a natural mobile power small welfare can to you it is north side of BBS custom is absolutely limited edition do you want? Want to see the following methods: participation.
Do you still remember your first post in a side of BBS? 2000 - 2016,
Weiminghu grow old.
In this moment of Weiminghu birthday,
you can also use a timeline,
finish all these years he and Weiminghu bit by bit.
You can click on the above picture to enter the subject page for activities (such as stay in login status on BBS,
default login here).
At the bottom of the

30 human evil principles movie essence. What are the evil movies and B movies in China?

begins with the iris public number (IrisMagazine).
The | magasa has repeatedly written on the B film and cult content,
one reason is the concept of the two ship is often misused in Chinese Internet,
hope to get to the root of the role,
I just love us.
Today I wrote this topic again,
and at the end I attached 30 cult films that I would recommend.
By the way,
although the title of this article uses the word cult,
I still use the cult directly in the text.
The reason for this is explained below.
B and cult are two different concepts,
although there is a little bit of correlation.
Let's say B.
The puppet people attack (1958) B - meaning roughly equal to the low cost of the film,
but the word only in a certain context was set up,
not all low cost films can be indiscriminately called B

Zhang Jun Ning, Beijing, he says the city is like an old friend

e's heart,
there is a Beijing of its own.
Three thousand years of history,
the capital of Six Dynasties,
here since the Ming and Qing Dynasties since the Chinese culture,
has many places of historic interest and scenic beauty and cultural landscape.
Here are the eight visitors,
language here fusion,
fully inclusive and equitable.
Beijing is a modern metropolis on the surface,
but it has its own simplicity and nostalgia.
Strolling in the gradually go less into the alley,
reeky rinse the butcher,
that is the real Beijing.
Beijing is a lot of young people began to dream of the city,
although the vicissitudes,
but full of hopes and dreams.
Beijing on the red wall outside the quiet alley,
the alley in turn around the corner,
a roadside in China World Trade Center,
also in Wei

Don't live up to the weather

urce: search column name idle away in seeking pleasure: palm North cafeteria copyright statement: exclusive palm Beijing,
banned two times reprinted current editor: Ning Beijing weather Xiaoyu rare good days,
can breathe.
Appetite is also inexplicable good.
What can only be done by good weather? Besides enjoying the food,
it is enjoying the beautiful scenery! Palm Beijing and beer and skittles search,
the city inventory of those who can see my great Beijing invincible beautiful night view of the good restaurant.
While the weather would go to a bar,
This opportunity may come without ah ~ The View 3912: 245 yuan per capita address: No.
88 Jianguo Road Chaoyang District City No.
3912 SOHO modern A (Dawanglu Shin Kong southwest corner) recommended: burning shrimp with bread and ste

Eggs, young Marysu idol drama, you have to chase the Korean drama?

ears they are our youth Click to read the text below or press under the two-dimensional code,
focus on scarlet spirit Marysu reply keywords arsenic young Marysu drama,
did you chase it?

Do not believe that Chinese folk governance cancer 10 kinds of unreliable folk prescription posture

rom the network read one micro signal: yiduiread due to cancer treatment is still a difficult problem in the medical profession,
and the price of many treatments are expensive,
many people put their eyes on the legend of the ancient books,
there is always high mountains and lakes,
looking for a variety of folk remedies.
It is easy to retrieve these in Chinese Internet information,
claiming special effects,
or ancestral remedies.
One reading Jun (WeChat: yiduiread) collected 10 of the most widely circulated,
showing the imagination of folk wisdom.
Although these folk prescription generally won't cheat a lot of money,
but delayed treatment as deadly.
So it must be emphasized that these are not to be believed! A pole on duty one reading eagle,
Liu Shijiu said the 1.
Tieshu leaves + red dates

You eat crayfish may be Ampquot brain death ampquot... Are you afraid?

it is time to go to the food stalls,
grilled shrimp string line,
drink beer,
you may have thought that you eat crayfish is fresh? Recently,
a large number of dead shrimp from Wuhan's farmers' market poured into food processing plants.
The head of the processing plant said some shrimp were just brain dead.
Do you believe this statement? Brain dead shrimp recently,
Wuhan citizens Mr.
he reflected,
he went to Wuhan baisazhou agricultural largest market aquatic products found on the market to buy crayfish,
who recovered dead shrimp,
do not know what to use.
Two consecutive days,
reporters squatting the market found that some people in the market to focus on recycling dead crayfish,
and packing and transportation.
The normal shrimp costs 10 yuan -50 yuan,
and these dead shrimp

[finance breakfast] Wednesday 201654

ata in 1 and April,
the new financial China manufacturing PMI 49.
14 consecutive months below the line ups and downs,
the previous value of 49.
The new financial review said,
manufacturing PMI all items were to decline,
the output index returned to the horizontal line ups and downs,
concussion trend.
The economy is still in the bottom again,
the government should pay attention to the downside risks to the economy.
Minsheng securities tube kiyotomo: recovery in manufacturing investment is often accompanied by interest rate adjustment.
With the infrastructure,
real estate investment has stabilized,
monetary policy will focus on prevention from the stock of debt risk to control the incremental debt risk,
this process or by reducing the control on the financial side of the control lever

Joke a bear child is selling flowers

tion: meaningful day,
when the mother clean the refrigerator,
took out three garlic,
has rotted into purple black,
grow green shoots.
My mother took the garlic and said to me,
although the garlic is rotten,
they are still giving birth to new life.
What a stubborn spirit!! I listened to very educated,
and later find a wife can not find this lazy to garlic rotten,
there are so many rhetoric of the woman,
this is really a meaningful day.
neighbor child,
also 7,
8 years old,
when his grandfather died,
his father cry Xilihuala,
his younger brother ran on the father said: Dad,
you don't have a dad,
I can be your father ah.
His father took him for a fat beating.
my son is watching the bear infested,
and I see the scene is winter,
I asked: how Xiong Dongtian does not hibe

That is iPhone save me.

eard iPhone hand save news,
foreign media recently heard Cult of Mac reported that a 25 year old soldier Mustafa Bozok in fighting terrorists,
was shot in the right leg.
Essien lost his iPhone6s in his pocket and blocked himself.
Because of the aluminum alloy on the back of the iPhone6s and the glass chip,
the impact of the bullet is reduced.
This did not let the bullet puncture the thigh.
He said: if you do not own the love machine,
is likely to cause serious injury or even estimated by terrorists to kill.
! PS: I don't know if it's a selling point for iPhone: four anti mobile phones (waterproof,
shock proof,
Hey! Read the full text,
select powder!

My brother, can not be out of pocket to ask me to eat meal

g of a city,
a friend of the local news call,
repeatedly expressed as hospitality of a host,
please eat a simple meal.
readily agreed to the hotel.
Open the door of the box,
a gathering of many people.
I thought I was going the wrong way.
I was just about to quit.
Someone called my name.
It was that friend.
In addition to him,
the ten guests at the dinner,
I do not know,
very embarrassing.
To tell the truth,
it is a feast,
good food wine,
toast each other,
but I did not eat a little taste.
He hurried out several,
I have an excuse to leave,
farewell friend explained again and again just a few friends on officialdom have a party,
do together.
Mr Lee is a city in the us to help the students enthusiasm,
every once in a while,
he will organize a dinner,
a band together make fri

n Qiuying Li Jing: I go to school.
this season is really kind.
The evening of May 1st,
I go to school,
the second quarter of the program group staff with Joker,
deer Han,
Wowkie Zhang all star arrived in Taiwan to prepare for tomorrow's record.
In May 2nd,
the program officially began recording,
shooting locations is Taiwan Yijiao him,
during the filming of the program officer Bo also made a welfare map and fans of friendly interaction.
Nantonghuagang art students will also welcome.
Although the slot points are many,
but this is not the focus today.
In May 2nd 18,
by the Taiwan media first disclosed Luhan in Taiwan illegal workers.
It is worth mentioning that,
first reported the news media in Taiwan,
is also not before the Taiwan Immigration Department responded directly to Luhan il

There's a lot of Kerr Jolin painted lip stepmother didn't win the MetGala red carpet style pattern

s Met Gala many things,
many surprises,
but not less slot,
Ba sister has been unable to bear the big sword,
to take inventory of this session of the actress's red carpet makeup! A sense of the future Key1.
makeup stepmother Color Lipstick size tianniu becomes cool this session of science and technology the theme of Met Gala,
the actress except in dress to give people a sense of science and technology,
it is straight to the makeup makeup department seems to be the future theme.
We are used to dress up their sweet,
in order to have wielded catch theme stepmother color lipstick effect ~ also really have no sense of violation! Stepmother color lipstick is also divided into two kinds of cold and warm,
such as our hearts big size big sweet girl Miranda Kerr,
painted with this warm color

May - a youth forum to play

mes to the big events of last week,
we have to say that our spring has finally arrived.
Flowers bloom all over the park! When appreciating cherry blossoms,
don't forget to join our cherry blossoms! Participate in the details,
please copy and open the following link,
gl/oP8aMc shoot the most beautiful cherry photo of the pro,
but also receive a rich prize,
parents feel the breath of spring,
feel the heartbeat of it? Some people say that you start the routine again! Bacteria just want to say,
this is just for my lost youth in spring,
clothes off,
the play of the eat.
As the saying goes,
horses forage! Come to see us last week shiquanshimei stomach station what is recommended! Shiquanshimei stomach protection station [from now until May 8th,
the purchase of wheat coffee dessert

GD, you're a rich, talented boy, come on, marry me

he blue word above to pay attention to us! G-DRAGON said that there was a big event at Beijing airport a few days ago! Big bang,
born in Beijing to participate in the auto show fishing gold,
so a group of fans organized the pick-up,
and here is still good! So! Painting style turn! Because a female Hun silk close-up shot right,
so assistant to protect,
heavy push female fans a.
In this way,
the two major factions on the Internet launched a war of words: some people say that despite the fans Quan Zhilong dead (confirmed later as a bodyguard shot,
fans did not fall to the ground.
And the right way forward has not seen the fans pushed Some people are too crazy about female Hun,
and they should stick to the chicken's face.
If someone pats you like this,
you don't like it,

Hackers are not black in the dark knight is a word of justice and political views CNPolitics

mes to hacking,
most people tend to associate them with sabotage.
The hacker was a transliteration by hacker,
who seems to be a good translator.
But the word for black hackers casts a negative color,
let us wronged them.
This issue of politics will introduce you to the truth about hackers and let you know what they are doing and what beliefs they have.
At the end of the program,
the recommended bibliography is: 1.
Hackers: Heroes of the computer revolution New York:.
Penguin Books,
spy: The many faces of Anonymous.
Verso Books,
in the NetEase,
cloud music koala Himalaya this podcast search platform dissidents or it has the word policy.
We're also on the line at Apple iTunes.
Click on the lower left rea

The 40 year old has long acne you want more that may be rosacea

o & editing | guava small celery beauty has always been aunt Yang,
recently this time very depressed: I have more than 40 years old,
how to acne? Even the daughter in high school asked her,
how much acne do you have on your face?! I don't think it's acne.
80% is allergic.
You should go to the Department of dermatology.
! The results turned out to be rosacea! Rosacea,
bad nose,
nose! How did you run on your face? Rosacea what kind of? Rosacea,
actually has a beautiful name -- rose acne is actually occurring in a chronic inflammation of the face.
Etiology may be associated with hair follicle infection,
but alcohol,
spicy food,
high temperature,
cold stimulation,
endocrine disorders may also induce the disease.
Often divided into three phase I: Erythema period,

It's scary to stick to one thing for a long time (Hao Wen)

itle: what is the experience of doing one thing for a long time? Author: Cheng Jie (authorized by the author of this paper published,
reproduced please contact the author) link: https://www.
com/question/38455082/answer/79860188 source: know the value of a process always results by definition,
Long term adherence to one thing,
if you can record the whole process,
the result is that you will clearly feel the forces of progress,
that decay into a magical force.
Share my kid's experience of painting for three years.
Three years ago,
the child is five years old children,
we let the children come to the children's palace.
After studying for about half a year,
on October 13,
after drawing lessons,
the teacher put the children's paintings on the stage,
so that everyone can fe

Matthew MOBA has formed Mobile Games market into Dead Sea, the game of grapes

er the stronger,
the weaker the weaker,
MOBA hand travel products from the current view,
has fully consistent with the Matthew effect.
Since 2012,
the heroes of chaos and order of battle hymn,
MOBA Mobile Games began to enter the game player's line of sight,
this special category received special attention in the mobile terminal.
But after the 2015 hand travel market blowout growth,
these MOBA hand tour in the list of performance is not the same.
The stronger the stronger,
the weaker the weaker,
from the MOBA hand travel results alone,
Matthew effect has inadvertently appeared in this category.
King glory ranked first in the top ten,
one or two,
three echelon pattern is clear,
because Android platform data is difficult to estimate,
we iOS platform on several mainstream MOBA hand travel

Mother and daughter make Hainan airport detained claiming to be members of the CPPCC

cro blog (jrwb66) -- different news,
different thinking,
wonderful reading.
Click on the title under the blue word today's Micro newspaper free attention,
we will provide you with valuable and interesting information to read.
From the network because of graphic integrated flight service attitude discontent,
from Taiyuan to Haikou in May 1st late on a flight to Shanxi and a conflict with the crew,
and after landing in downtown Meilan Airport,
also claimed to be the daughter of a member of the CPPCC ,
two people due to the impact of flight safety and disrupt the order of the airport be sentenced to detention for 10 days and fined 500 yuan.

When Python crawler encounters 10060 errors

r of League to become the most outstanding scientific data community,
focusing on large data analysis,
data mining and visualization,
the scope of business: offline activities,
online courses,
headhunting services,
docking project] [yes,
we willful bombing! Reply to the keyword artificial intelligence special,
and you will be free to listen to DTCC! In addition,
you can also get dinner with five heavyweight guests! The chance to read the original is yours! Believe in doing the work of the students know the website crawler,
Python urllib2 is easy to use,
the use of the following lines of code you can easily get a website source: finally some regular matching,
parse the returned response content can get the things you want.
But this way,
in the office network and development network,

Water reverse attack, a move to save yourself

d of water retrograde is coming again.
Are you all right? In fact,
sometimes the focus will always be a period of time,
encountered difficulties,
and even feel that only their fate is so bumpy.
But look at the rest of the world,
everyone will encounter some bad things.
Rather than complaining,
as yourself,
Or look at them.
Are you feeling better? At least you won't be stuck in the head of a bus station,
and you'll have to wait for a fireman to save it.
At least when you eat in the sunny outdoor without sleep.
At least you can finish this ice cream.
At least you won't eat a pear or teeth,
and said,
it is actually a potato.
At least you don't eat a mouth of soap.
At least you have a good hair style,
unlike the student who still has an hour for classes,
or the first semester of th

The 14 great population destruction in Chinese history

on't say in the history textbook,
here! 99% students do not know the history: three / China emperor poisoned the biggest ancient shit what Wipe / / Darai and the difference between the ancient nomadic solutions / ancient one or two shekels of silver worth / Iraqis discrimination Chinese / Soviet political jokes featured ancient woman like / why / why the twelve zodiac affair for monk no cat? No.
lishi300 China source of public toilet history history of the larger population killing events were caused by wars.
The ancient Chinese war very frequently in the Shang Dynasty  inscriptions on the records of all 61 times of war.
According to the spring and Autumn Annals,
there were 448 wars in the 242 years of the spring and autumn period.
During the Warring States period,
there were only 222 wa

Later to imitate all the people failed to fight to win or die

on't say in the history textbook,
here! 99% students do not know the history: three / China emperor poisoned the biggest ancient shit what Wipe / / Darai and the difference between the ancient nomadic solutions / ancient one or two shekels of silver worth / Iraqis discrimination Chinese / Soviet political jokes featured ancient woman like / why / why the twelve zodiac affair for monk in this paper,
the author has no cat? Was authorized to release the source of public history ihxory contention of a hundred schools of thought in 204 BC,
the Han army commander Han Xin,
was in the tens of thousands of miles long,
attack zhao.
Zhao state commander Chen Yu Bing two hundred thousand confrontation.
Chen Yu gave up on the tough terrain Jingxing mouth defense,
hope in the open out Han troops.
Han Xi

She is definitely the most thrilling journey in fairy Buddha was even bullied but only fear of a person

on't say in the history textbook,
here! 99% students do not know the history: three / China emperor poisoned the biggest ancient shit what Wipe / / Darai and the difference between the ancient nomadic solutions / ancient one or two shekels of silver worth / Iraqis discrimination Chinese / Soviet political jokes featured ancient woman like / why / why the twelve zodiac affair for monk no cat? / walk holding snail ID:woniukxy author forwarded an impression authorization in the snail has been,
as is the most cattle BOSS in the west,
Sun Wukong is so serious,
a slap on the pressure in the five mountain,
500 years shall not escape; the emperor held a special meeting antiy asked him to sit.
to him with respect.
Those monster journey on the road,
no matter how cattle,
listen to his name,

Kushu whereabouts actually here

on't say in the history textbook,
here! 99% students do not know the history: three / China emperor poisoned the biggest ancient shit what Wipe / / Darai and the difference between the ancient nomadic solutions / ancient one or two shekels of silver worth / Iraqis discrimination Chinese / Soviet political jokes featured ancient woman like / why / why the twelve zodiac affair for monk no,
the sleeping cat? The public number special author known Teacher Wang https://www.
com/people/hypnova today to share Chinese,
the largest in the history of the series: kushu reincarnation.
Thirty-seven years of emperor Qian Long (1772),
Qian Long accepted Anhui Xuezheng Zhujun so the collation of Yongle canon proposal,
and further in the country for order books,
the compilation of Yongle canon a

What's the reason Apple wants you to change iPhone6s?

uggests that the new iPhone will have some disruptive (game-changing) features.
According to techinsider,
Cook made some comments about the new iPhone in an interview with CNBC,
and Cook believes that the new iPhone they are developing will prompt users to continue updating their products.
Cook even said this sentence: We,
  our upcoming product will be something you can't do without,
you don't even know what you need now.
Then you might think back,
how am I going to live out of this? Even if surprising,
but Cook published such remarks,
it is easy to think of Apple's last quarter.

Grassroots officials struggle against the masses, such three axe ax politics CNPolitics

: Guangdong,
in 2010,
34 petitions ended up in the provincial government,
but by 2013,
none of them had been sent to the provinces.
Why? Shao Li / political observers in January 15,
Guangxi Province,
Guigang City Qingfeng toll station by 10 local villagers with sticks smashed,
killing 4 people were injured.
The hit has been the third since January.
June 25,
Chongqing children's Hospital duty doctor because the child does not meet the hospital indication,
did not receive its hospitalization,
parents were beaten children,
the office smashed.
The medical staff required to pull the banner to punish medical trouble.
In April 5,
employees of Yue Yuan shoe factory in Guangdong,
Dongguan Province,
went on strike for protesting violations of the contract between the factory and th

Wang Haibo seconds light overlord millet can not reflect the true value of e-commerce video

io micro signal: tmtvideo100 video length: 2 '13 suggestions to watch this wonderful Jane content in WiFi: Wang Haibo Chinese library,
chairman of the board and CEO he graduated from Renmin University of China in 1999,
founded in August China network library in Beijing in the same year; at the beginning of 2006 initiated the establishment of industry network alliance in China; in 2010 won the annual Chinese electronic business leader award; in 2012 won the eighth annual CEO IT Time IT era Knight award.
Content Description: he is just like a knight,
with 17 years of pioneering time,
and strive to create a single product electricity supplier ideal country.
Millet mobile phone is not e-commerce,
burst shirt is not a single product electricity supplier,
single product electricity supplier is

The world's first head surgery in preparation for the implementation of a breakthrough or horror

s first IT network era ITtime2000 swap operation will be implemented,
pre fee of 1 million.
a man in Russia will accept the world's first head of surgery,
the man Spiridonov was born with a rare genetic disease,
spinal muscular atrophy,
the first is his only chance of survival,
the following Xiaobian take you to see the specific circumstances.
The first operation of this particular sounds unrealistic,
many in the industry people are skeptical of this surgery,
but a doctor in Russia on the success rate of the operation is very confident that this surgery if successful will become one of the wonders of the world; then,
to the problem,
change after he is? The original owner of the head? The original owner of the body? Is his consciousness after surgery,
patient or donor,
or is

A long thought about investing and writing in life

he top of the blue print of our attention on investment and success in life life and investment are similar in many aspects.
Over the past period of time,
a lot of insights,
thinking a lot.
About life and investment in common,
this article is written in a mess,
we all bear in mind.
many friends went to Buffett's shareholders' meeting.
Once a year the Warren annual meeting,
as many investors pilgrimage.
Buffett is so successful,
is bound to have its attractions,
and he preached the outlook on life,
more worthy of our thinking.
Let's look at the chart below,
which is a comparison of the ROI of the investment masters.
Buffett's rate of return is not high,
he is not as good as Soros,
far better than Rodgers,
not as good as Soros's disciple Druckenmiller.
But Buffett's characteristic

The biggest speculative bubbles in the stock market have almost destroyed the world's richest country

ing content,
click on the title below IPO,
observe our source: Sina wealth often in the stock market,
bubbles everywhere.
Despite the market frenzy around not to mention,
a lot of people just can also cite the U.
subprime mortgage crisis,
the NASDAQ Internet bubble,
the great depression as an example,
even the Holland tulip mania,
the British South Sea Company event of this legend.
there is no no second,
the biggest stock market bubble in history is what you know? Many historical and financial experts believe that the real bubble king in human history is not really the aforementioned,
but rather the frenzied speculation of the Souk al-Manakh exchange in Kuwait in the early 1980s.
Perhaps some people will not believe Kuwait,
even if there is oil,
but after all,
is a tiny state,

Unconsciously, China has one more international actress...

wrote some in recent years the domestic actress international blockbuster,
sum up or down Wuli Tian Jing the most powerful,
best actress Oscar on the left and right in james.
In this,
we all desperately want to international,
I would rather in a variety of international blockbuster in the flash in the pan era.
The film starring Michelle Chen was released in the United States a few days ago.
Note that it is the lord! Play! The film is called love in Hawaii.
The poster is like this,
do not see half a Chinese down down there,
in addition to Michelle Chen international movie actor and starred in speed and passion 1~7 Korean actor Jiang Chenghao played down: Twilight the handsome boy Jackson Rathbone down here this lineup seems to be quite reliable.
It is ~ director L

In the first half of the year, the most important Political Bureau Conference released policy signals

serious when the economy (profit) when the loss of elasticity of the market,
the biggest influence is what? Some people say that the funds (risk-free interest rates),
some people say that emotions (risk preferences),
these are what we see,
but it may not be fundamental.
In the past and for quite some time to come,
policies are the most important variables to be ignored.
Many people will argue that there is no policy in the traditional pricing model.
As long as the company is profitable,
the funds are abundant and the mood is getting better,
the market will go up and there is no need to care about any policy.
But in fact,
at the bottom of China's economic shift,
emotions are directly affected by the policy,
it is difficult to be spared.
Maybe in a few cases,
a company can o

Ali by UC Fu media, using Tmall mode to build content platform

on Sunday more than 10 days ago,
for exposing Southeast fishing slave phenomenon and won the Pulitzer prize reports in the circle of friends scraper,
soon it is proposed that the domestic rare such heavy reports,
traditional media is collective absence.
Then there is a more fundamental topic: how does quality content take the initiative in the channel game,
serve the readers accurately,
and then reap the rewards to achieve sustainable production? The Internet can not only change the speed the flow of information,
but also changed people's reading habits,
break the monopoly of communication,
print revenue declined year by year,
the industry seems to have formed a consensus,
the entire industry into the winter.
Because of this,
Ali UC proposed in April 28th beyond the browser,
upgrade imp

Car and home completed A round of financing, cumulative financing of more than 2 billion 500 million

me announced the completion of the A round of financing,
financing amount of 780 million yuan,
this morning,
Li Xiang through WeChat to the media to disclose the latest financing conditions of the car and home.
A round of car and home financing amounted to 780 million yuan,
a leading source of capital,
Leo shares,
Changzhou Wujin industrial fund,
Ming potential capital institutions with investment etc.
Huaxing capital serves as the exclusive financial advisor for the financing.
less than 10 months after the establishment,
the car and home financing has exceeded 2 billion 500 million yuan.
The reason is that Li Xiang himself docking media,
because the car and home recruitment work,
all focused on R & D and manufacturing links.
The car and home to the PR team,
at the end of May to put

AV actress on Xidu game broadcast platform will become the new Normandy

id not know Ran Asakawa,
said in vain longitudinal hero! I don't know Sora Aoi on the Internet,
and the network is mediocre! AV actress refers to the female actors who specialize in adult film performances in Japan.
As one of the most representative nouns of island culture,
they play an irreplaceable role in many movie lovers.
Mention of the island's AV actress ah,
presumably otaku will unconsciously show hidden smile.
From Sora Aoi to Maria Ozawa,
none of the AV community art masters,
Indoorsman D dish best partner.
Compared to now in the limelight of the stars,
to attend the AV actress who can attract more attention Indoorsman,
even a lot of Indoorsman has reached a high level of knowledge of men see the chest.
With the decline of the Japanese domestic market economy,

Domestic brands talk unmanned they're talking about what GeekCar at about 102.

VOL102 that forced domestic brands to talk unmanned,
they are talking about what? Listen to the way: you can click the read in Himalaya or directly to the App search for geekcar and subscribe to the Beijing auto show there are so many fun nice cars and people,
but we are not going to talk! According to our style,
we'll have to talk about the technology at the show this time.
In this year's Beijing auto show,
we found that the autopilot / unmanned has become a hot topic.
In addition,
some foreign brands we are familiar with,
domestic brands have also embarked on the road of science and technology to become rich.
You may have heard of the music,
Beiqi are saying that unmanned driving matter,
but the red flag also said he wanted no one to drive,
you made it?! In our opinion,

Featured in the April TOP8 essay

amount of reading 231173 2 words human history author Chinese speech record,
decisive collection TOP 2 amount of reading 22576 Zhenge fund Wang Qiang: after the three books from your good is not far from the TOP 3 amount of reading 13916 Li Kaifu: to create tens of billions of dollars in super unicorn,
must do the three things TOP 4 the amount of reading 134556 minutes after reading human history the essence of all,
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is becoming more and more incredible TOP 6 reading 12431 Luo Zhenyu: a story of defeat all businessmen (with full field PPT) TOP 7 reading 12224 decryption Kepler project | Xu Lei: This is a Jingdong all ability to open TOP 8 amount o

After 7 billion operations, he said, the new way to invest in mergers and acquisitions is...

the founding partner of high dimensional capital,
focuses on intelligent technology,
consumer upgrades and financial services and other fields of entrepreneurship and mergers and acquisitions investment.
Former merchants Kunlun equity investment CEO,
led the establishment and management of 7 billion 500 million yuan of private equity investment fund; served as managing director of Deutsche Bank,
Morgan Stanley,
executive director of HSBC China district director of financial institutions.
Energy lunch Power Lunch public platform founder.
Activities: April 28,
2016 Ping An Trust mergers and acquisitions forum.
The notes are commissioned by the speaker.
The depth of text: 3662 words | 4 minutes to read the whole network first notes the leaders,
good afternoon everyone! First of all

The car and fire god buy Wuling Hongguang N1 reasons.

is China Wuling Hongguang automobile market in a tight market car sales champion,
although promoted a lot,
but the Wuling Hongguang has firmly secured 30 months of sales wang.
About why the universe God car is so successful,
I will not repeat them,
Xiaobian want to say today is the universe God cars have to fire one up,
Wuling Hongguang S1 enjoy after the upgrade,
we buy Wuling Hongguang another reason.
Born in the family of Wuling Hongguang models,
parts suppliers backed by GM's global manufacturing system and customized,
with historical origins of good quality,
to buy MPV in the eyes of the user,
and the choice of Wuling Hongguang has become fully deserve.
The Wuling Hongguang S1 this model,
have kept smoothly is an evaluation of the majority of users of the largest.
As a re