[Kyrgyzstan concerns] national financial security has risen to the top priority

ote: This article is an outlook for the development of the stock market in May 2016.
the overall conclusion of the global macroeconomic data released in the first quarter,
the economic recovery is not obvious signs of recovery,
China's economic data is relatively eye-catching.
The American economic growth remains weak,
the dollar index fell to provide support for crude oil and gold prices,
the Fed announced the April interest rate hike,
but the market is expected to guide the fed to raise interest rates is still the key factors influencing the market volatility.
The European economy has shown slow growth and continued loose policy.
Japan is difficult to shake off the shadow of deflation,
to maintain the current negative interest rates unchanged,
the yen soared; prices are expected to de

Brush the new skills in the circle of friends, so that the boss must wear clip Li!

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In the 16th anniversary station Qing Weiming BBS Memorial online interactive mobile power you get

w why the celebration in the push is not pinch 0 points today because it is not but the 118 year old birthday is not 16 years old birthday (Oh is on course to push yourself,
hee hee) once again wish my alma mater and Happy birthday.
Since it is the birthday of a natural mobile power small welfare can to you it is north side of BBS custom is absolutely limited edition do you want? Want to see the following methods: participation.
Do you still remember your first post in a side of BBS? 2000 - 2016,
Weiminghu grow old.
In this moment of Weiminghu birthday,
you can also use a timeline,
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You can click on the above picture to enter the subject page for activities (such as stay in login status on BBS,
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At the bottom of the

30 human evil principles movie essence. What are the evil movies and B movies in China?

begins with the iris public number (IrisMagazine).
The | magasa has repeatedly written on the B film and cult content,
one reason is the concept of the two ship is often misused in Chinese Internet,
hope to get to the root of the role,
I just love us.
Today I wrote this topic again,
and at the end I attached 30 cult films that I would recommend.
By the way,
although the title of this article uses the word cult,
I still use the cult directly in the text.
The reason for this is explained below.
B and cult are two different concepts,
although there is a little bit of correlation.
Let's say B.
The puppet people attack (1958) B - meaning roughly equal to the low cost of the film,
but the word only in a certain context was set up,
not all low cost films can be indiscriminately called B

Zhang Jun Ning, Beijing, he says the city is like an old friend

e's heart,
there is a Beijing of its own.
Three thousand years of history,
the capital of Six Dynasties,
here since the Ming and Qing Dynasties since the Chinese culture,
has many places of historic interest and scenic beauty and cultural landscape.
Here are the eight visitors,
language here fusion,
fully inclusive and equitable.
Beijing is a modern metropolis on the surface,
but it has its own simplicity and nostalgia.
Strolling in the gradually go less into the alley,
reeky rinse the butcher,
that is the real Beijing.
Beijing is a lot of young people began to dream of the city,
although the vicissitudes,
but full of hopes and dreams.
Beijing on the red wall outside the quiet alley,
the alley in turn around the corner,
a roadside in China World Trade Center,
also in Wei

Don't live up to the weather

urce: search column name idle away in seeking pleasure: palm North cafeteria copyright statement: exclusive palm Beijing,
banned two times reprinted current editor: Ning Beijing weather Xiaoyu rare good days,
can breathe.
Appetite is also inexplicable good.
What can only be done by good weather? Besides enjoying the food,
it is enjoying the beautiful scenery! Palm Beijing and beer and skittles search,
the city inventory of those who can see my great Beijing invincible beautiful night view of the good restaurant.
While the weather would go to a bar,
This opportunity may come without ah ~ The View 3912: 245 yuan per capita address: No.
88 Jianguo Road Chaoyang District City No.
3912 SOHO modern A (Dawanglu Shin Kong southwest corner) recommended: burning shrimp with bread and ste

Eggs, young Marysu idol drama, you have to chase the Korean drama?

ears they are our youth Click to read the text below or press under the two-dimensional code,
focus on scarlet spirit Marysu reply keywords arsenic young Marysu drama,
did you chase it?